23, 2017

Tips to Help when Choosing a Wedding Dress

Why a Woman Must Choose a Wedding Dress Carefully

Just about every bride gets excited at the prospect of a wedding. And with good reason! This is one of the greatest days of a woman’s life. It is the beginning of family life, with the declaration made before numerous witnesses. Since the bride is the center of attention, she has no excuse but to look elegant, gorgeous and flamboyant. This makes choice of a Luv Bridal – Wedding dresses one of the most important priorities when shopping.

Several years back, women’s faces were covered with very thick veils to ward off evil eyes. As if that was not enough, the gown had to cover the arms and even toes. Most cultures believed if a woman went to the wedding event without a cover for the face, one or a few disgruntled people at the crowd would look at her with bad eyes, causing trouble for the newly-weds. However, times have changed and now a woman can decide on a strapless wedding dress, sometimes even without the veil. Take a look at the latest wedding gown designs to have an idea of what could be suitable for the wedding.

An individual cannot just pop into any Luv Bridal bridal wear shop and come out with any dress for a wedding occasion. There are several factors to consider first if the occasion must stand out.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dress

  • Color – A woman will definitely choose the color of the wedding dress considering her complexion as well as features. The chosen color for the event must also blend with that of the wedding dress. If one thinks of having a veil, it should be the same color as the dress or have the same color of decorations.
  • Length – While most women prefer the very long gown, there are others who wish to have a slightly below knee wedding dress. As a matter of fact, short gowns mean lots of attention will also be paid to the shoes and therefore the choice of shoes must be done extremely well.
  • Weather – Although most brides tend to ignore this factor, it really is important. The weather pattern during the wedding ceremony should be put into consideration. During summer, lighter strapless wedding gowns without a veil would be the ideal choice. When the weather is cold, a bride would use a heavier gown and a veil too.
  • Hairstyle – Different women look trendy in varying hairstyles. While some love to have their hair hanging, others prefer to have it tied up in a short or long crop. A hairstyle influences the kind of wedding dress that would be ideal. Choose the hairstyle in advance before deciding on the wedding gown.
  • Design – The type of design chosen will influence what the bridesmaids and flower girls put on. Look for a wedding dress whose designs match theirs for an elegant show.
  • Fabric – Most women love to wed in silk even though it can punch a few holes in the pocket. Silk is beautiful and bespeaks luxury. Of course, it is a little fragile, but it is most women’s desire. Apart from silk, there is tulle that could also do for the average pocket.

The wedding event is a great day for a bride. It is up to her to make it special by choosing a beautiful wedding dress that will make the occasion memorable.



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